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Updated: Oct 27, 2019

As this is my first blog for us, I feel some pressure to make it memorable. How do I capture this journey so you can understand how excited we are to finally be getting ready to open the gates? Maybe first some introductions. Anthony and I are from this area, growing up in Childersburg and Sylacauga. We've been married for thirty years this December and have been in the golf business the majority of that time. Our son Payne is a senior this year and plays on the golf team. We are a family who loves to golf.

I recently retired after a twenty-six year career in education so I could partner with Anthony in this opportunity. As a former English teacher, I still needed a platform for my writing and thought this would be the perfect combination.

We're so excited to be bringing this course back. Anthony and his brother-in-law Donald Tate have done the majority of the work. They took the course from a forest to the gorgeous golf course you'll see when you come visit us. There are 18-holes, with driving range, as well as putting and chipping greens. Twenty greens. I know them well, having just helped sprig them all! This has been a labor of love for us, because we are passionate about golf. But it's been a long journey, and we've both wondered (but never out loud) if we'd make it. After finishing the planting of greens today, I have no doubt we'll make it. We believe in each other. We believe in the sport of golf. We believe in golfers like you who will come play.

This blog will cover a variety of topics from this journey, to golf tips, to funny golf stories. I look forward to sharing this experience with you. See you at The Meadows!

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