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2021 has been a year of many things: the continuation of a pandemic that has impacted all of our lives, shortages in staff and food items nationwide, interesting sports stories, fascinating social media trends (I mean who hasn't learned a Walker Hayes dance this year :)), and a full year of golf for The Meadows. Our gratefulness overflows as we talk about how you all have supported this course. We've not really been surprised by the amount of people who have found our beautiful course, but we have been amazed at the amount who come back and play again and again. We're so thankful for our golfers. We're thankful for our members who support us; we're thankful for our dogfight groups who fellowship together every week (some multiple times a week!); we're thankful for the families who choose us; we're thankful for the students who still find golf a sport worth pursuing, either on a team or just as a lover of the game. So, as 2021 comes to a close, with ALL of its challenges, we still find a bright spot in our golfing family. From The Meadows family to your families, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season. We hope to see you over the Christmas break and/or in the New Year! Join us for our annual New Year's Eve Masquerade Party! Call us for details 205-672-8002.

Season's Greeting from The Meadows

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