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It's been a minute since I updated my blog, which, as I've confessed, I write more for my own catharsis than for readership :) We're in the dog-days of summer, and it's hot. I'm reminded that this is what we've waited for... a summer of golf! So, you won't hear anyone here complaining but rather rejoicing. We are so thankful. Thankful for the rain which has really helped make the course so beautiful. Thankful for our staff, who make this place such a friendly place. Thankful for the golfers who come play with us each day. We are blessed.

We've had some great tournaments this summer, including our Day/Night Tournament and our Red, White, and Blue Tournament. We're hoping to have even bigger events next year, but we do have one more tournament for all golfers in the fall that benefits our local schools' Toys for Tots. We hope you'll get involved.

We've got some exciting events coming up, such as our Classic Car Cruise-In o Friday, August 6th. We also have our first ever Coosa Cotton Ryder Cup, a friendly competition between some local courses with top-notch players involved. We're already getting ready for the holidays, with a Breakfast with Santa scheduled for November 20th. Such exciting things going on at The Meadows.

And then there are the dogs. I mean, when we inherited these four pitiful, starving mutts, we were dead set on finding them homes. Then we had them treated, vaccinated, and fixed. They have our hearts, as well as the hearts of our golfers, and we are smitten.

If you've not been by to see us, please come play a round with us. You won't be disappointed. If you're not a golfer, stop by and have a bite with us. The food really is amazing. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you at The Meadows.

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