Who is ready for spring?

To say it's been a whirlwind would be an understatement. We've opened a golf course after three long years of trying to open a golf course. We have every single golfer to thank who has stopped and played a round with us. We are so grateful to those who continue to support us being able to see how great this course will be this summer. We continue to work each day on something... bunkers, hole signs, divots.... we are working hard to make this a course that all of you will enjoy playing. We will be announcing our tournament schedule soon, so hopefully we'll have some of you join us for those. We enjoyed hosting our first Turkey Two-Man, a scramble that benefitted Toys for Tots. We hope we can make this a traditional tournament. We can't wait to see everyone out here again once this dreary weather breaks. Who else is ready for spring?? Here's to all of you having a great 2021 staying healthy and safe and playing lots of golf! Happy New Year.

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