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Fingers Crossed!

If you read my first post, you'll see how hopeful we were back during the summer that we would be playing fall golf on the course. Between a lack of rain for two months, as well as record-breaking long streaks of 100-degree days, our greens didn't thrive like we'd planned. But we are making it work! I can't say enough about how proud I am of Anthony. Being with him each day has given me a new perspective on just how hard he works. If it was to be done, he did it, working tirelessly to help get this place open. His dream will soon be reality. The driving range and practice facility with putting/chipping green will be opening week of September 4th. Our restaurant is opening that week, as well, with a big kick-off party Saturday, November 9th for the Alabama vs. LSU game. We are persevering to get something going so we can at least begin welcoming people now because we don't want to wait until spring for that! I spent too much time on scaffolding painting and on the floor laying carpet to wait any longer!

Has this journey been long? SO LONG! I am thankful for my faith, as well as for family and friends who have been there for moral support and physical labor! Donald and Adrianna Tate are family who have been by our sides the entire way. My Mimi would tell me each morning during our "drive-time" conversations that she was praying for us. My sister kept me focused on the big picture. Our friend Randy came and helped install technology; our friend Robert embraced my vision so my décor could be everything I imagined and tried to keep me on a schedule; The Chappell family jumped all in to cut grass, lay carpet, you name it! I think we'd have gotten stuck in our own pity party had they not been here to push us along. Our friends the Gardners and Shaws kept us focused on enjoying life through this process, because it was easier to keep working than take a break to enjoy time with friends. There are so many more who just provided encouragement...too many to even name. But we are thankful for each of you. Through it all, we've really enjoyed our work and hope you'll enjoy our place as much as we've enjoyed getting it ready for you! Can't wait to see you at The Meadows.

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