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What a way to kick off spring!

COVID19... who knew what spring would bring when we kicked off the New Year? Some of y'all did not eat your black-eyed peas! We know the impact of this virus is far-reaching, and we hope you all are hanging in there. We're praying that some sense of normalcy returns and soon. We've been here through it all, and we thank those of you who have continued to support us through these difficult days. But brighter days are in store! We are waiting for the heat to help these greens pop up and we'll be ready for play. We've been very busy through this season... top-dressing, treating, cutting, repeating! No one is more ready for this golf course to open than we are; we've really struggled in many ways to get this off the ground. So, keep watching. We'll keep updating. We also have a FB page that is very active. We can't wait to see you for golf in a few weeks. Looking forward to seeing you at The Meadows!

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